Weekend in Marquette


the most beautiful bride there ever was and her super classy beer mug

It’s been a little crazy for the two of us here at Style Sound, with Karrin getting married, and myself spending a few days in Marquette to celebrate the event – we’ve been a little behind on posting due to all of the traveling, but we will be back to regular programming soon! In the mean time, here are some photos from this past weekend. The wedding was absolutely wonderful – as you can see, Karrin was ravishing! I’m sure she will have plenty more pictures to share when she returns from her honeymoon 🙂 The weather in Marquette could not have been more perfect, and I am pleased to say that the trip provided some much needed relaxation and rejuvination!


sipping beer from mason jars in the park between the ceremony and reception – so lovely and yummy!


the talented Rachael Davis and Joe Wilson of Steppin’ In It serenading us during cocktail hour


Modcloth layered dress (old)


Bobbi Blu sandals (old) and Karrin’s cute pom peep toes


the unparalleled beauty of Pictured Rocks on Lake Superior


trekking across Black Rocks prior to diving in the lake; JCrew dress and top, BCBG bag, Anthropologie wedges, Ray-Ban sunnies

Happy weekend everyone!!!





  1. jasdlkfjsdalf! I’ve been dying to see some photos of you guys! Karrin, you are such a stunning bride! You are beyond gorgeous and that dress is absolute perfection. I can’t wait to stalk the shit out of all your wedding photos.

    Haley, my dear, that dress is so damn cute and I love trekking-across-the-rocks outfit. ❤

  2. Hey Haley! So, sorry this is super random. I literally don’t think I have seen you since freshmen year at MSU, but I saw your blog on facebook a while back and wanted to let you know that I love it! And I absolutely adore your style. I hope all is well!

    Kate Poisson

    • Hi, Kate! Yea, I definitely remember hanging out a few times with Melissa and Kristina! Thanks, so awesome that you are following us :)) Hope all is well with you, too!!

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