Gap denim jacket, UO dress (so old), Aldo boots, Pitaya peacock necklace, M2 Boutique spike bracelet, JCrew Factory gold bracelet, handmade leather cuff from Ireland, random and gifted rings

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks, with random rain showers here in Houston, so I’ve been living in  simple, casual outfits that are no fuss and easy to dress up and down. I’ve had this dress for a few years, but it still remains a go to for me, and this denim jacket was a staple purchase. I love the loose fit and washed out details. I still plan on throwing in some splashes of color before the summer comes to a close, but I have to admit, the idea of getting back into some muted fall colors excites me as well so I decided to channel them this past weekend to go along with the dreary sky. And I’ve been itching for a chance to throw my combat-style boots back on – thanks Houston puddles!






I’m so so SO excited for this weekend – it is miss Karrin’s wedding weekend! So I’m headed back up to the Midwest to the land of Superior for a celebration filled with love, friends, beer, and Michigan music. I couldn’t be more thrilled for my Style Sound partner and long time friend 🙂





  1. Caroline says:

    Lovvvve that dress. I want to trade wardrobes.

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