Music Monday: Houston FPSF

A couple of weeks ago, I attended Houston’s annual FPSF (Free Press Summer Fest); a relatively new music festival that is put on by the city’s Free Press magazine. This music fest has been gradually picking up popularity over the last few years, now attracting people from nearby cities and states, and managed to sell out. Despite the fact that the heat was absolutely unbearable, and the festival planners are a little amateur in their organization skills, I had a pretty great time.


FPSF has a handful of stages that offer an extremely wide variety of music. Some of the shows I attended included Two Door Cinema Club, Young the Giant, Willie Nelson, The Avett Brothers, and The Flaming Lips. There were also performances by Snoop Dogg (which I fortunately had the pleasure of listening to briefly, I mean, how could I resist?), Pretty Lights,  and Phantogram (which I sorely missed, due to the aforementioned poor organization skills).


The Flaming Lips

My favorite show, by far, was The Flaming Lips. I absolutely adore this band, and when I heard they were playing at the fest, nothing could hold me back. They are so good at including the audience in the live music experience with their elaborate set-up and unpredictable antics – their passion and commitment on stage transform you to a world of technicolor, dancing, and confetti.

This particular show was, dare I say, legendary. After performing a few fan favorites like “Do You Realize” and “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots”, the band proceeded to cover the entire Dark Side of the Moon album. Wayne Coyne’s ability to embrace his imperfect voice, which in turn sounds like he is constantly nearing his vocal thresh hold, somehow made this album the perfect match for a personal spin on a rock and roll classic. Additionally, Phantogram joined them on stage for this portion of the show, which made up for my missing them earlier that day. It is a show I will never forget.


Wayne Coyne crowd surfing in a giant bubble 🙂

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  1. Great post Haley! I want to come down and visit you sometime soon!

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