Music Monday: Here

My favorite band, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, has just come out with their new ablum, “Here”. And let me tell you, it does not disappoint! It is a little different than their last album “Up From Below”, but I personally love the path their music has taken and “Here” still contains all of my favorite Edward characteristics (haunting horns, whimsical melodies, western vibes). And the best part – this album is just one of two that is to be released by the band this year! Be still my heart. Here is a video of one of my new favorites:

So make sure to check out “Here” (and “Up From Below” if you haven’t already) – whether or not you are already familiar with these guys, this album is sure to add some delight to the start of your week!





  1. Caroline says:

    Brent and I stumbled upon this new album yesterday, we didn’t realize they had released it but it’s awesome. Saw Edward Sharpe at the Chicago Blues and Bluegrass festival last year, it was a great show and I left intrigued. Sweet post!!

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