Music Monday: He’s My Brother She’s My Sister

I am so excited to be featuring He’s My Brother She’s My Sister on the blog. I stumbled across this folk rock band just over a year ago, and haven’t been able to get enough of them since. They passed through Houston on Friday night at Fitzgerald’s – this is the second time I have seen them live, and both times they have managed to leave me in a state of awe and happiness! My feet don’t stop moving throughout the entire show, and neither do theirs 🙂 They are quickly climbing up the list of my top favorite bands. I want to apologize in advance for the upcoming photo quality, as I only had my phone with me at the show, but this first YouTube video does them justice.

HMBSMS comes from Los Angeles. They are delightfully eccentric, incorporating a sort of nostalgic western feel into both their appearance and music. Each member of the band has a unique vibe, and each member just comes ALIVE on stage. They are talented in both vocals and instruments. It is apparent that they are very passionate about what they do, and they encourage and feed off of audience participation. They have the ability to transport you into a world of glam desert rock, where you feel like you should dance and run in a flapper dress and top hat.


Lead singer/tambourinist Rachel Kolar belts out with a raw, full voice, and she dances as if her limbs have been taken over by the music. And her outfts! Check out some other pics and videos – enough said. Her partner in crime, guitarist and singer Robert Kolar, embodies the rock n roll characteristic of the band, and strums, sings and pounds the bass drum all at the same time. Steel guitarist Aaron Robinson is the more chill band member, but adds that rough western feel and can play a mean harmonica. Stand up bassist Oliver Newell is probably the most eccentric member, and you can’t help but feel like he is your best friend – he is all smiles on stage, and his stand up bass is wild but beautiful!! And last, but certainly not least, is percussionist Lauren Brown. Lauren tap dances on top of a bass drum WHILE playing a tom and a snare on either side of her. UNREAL.





I thought I would throw in a short clip of Oliver rocking it out on his bass – love it!

So check them out! I know you will adore them just as much as I do. ❤





  1. Haley this band is awesome! I’ve been listening to a few of their songs today and I’m really getting into them. Thanks for sharing!

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