Cool Rider


Express top, UO jeans, American Apparel clutch, DSW wedges, Ray Ban shades, thrifted necklace, Jewel Mint gold bracelet, Michael Kors Watch, Threadsence silver ring

Nothing like some skinny high waist jeans in a poppin’ color to add a little rock n’ roll to the week. Something about this outfit reminds of Stephanie Zinone from Grease 2 (can’t believe I just referenced that…). Lately I have been struggling to find good jeans/tops outfits in my closet – probably because I have an issue with buying statement pieces like that owl dress in the below post when I shop. This black button up has saved me this season. The light fabric and airy fit make it easy to pair with just about anything, and my favorite mix so far is with these orange (or according to UO, “persimmon”, but I thought it would sound ridiculous if I used that) high waist jeans. Perfect mix of classic and edgy!




Yes, I snuck back up to my old apartment roof to snap these – I’m such a rebel, just like Stephanie, hah! And don’t worry, there is actually another level of the parking garage on the other side of me, no danger involved 🙂



Hope everyone is surviving hump day, I always feel like it’s the longest day of the week! If you need a little pick me up (or even if you don’t…), take a listen to Karrin’s below Music Monday post – so lovely! ❤





  1. AH.MAZING. You look so gorg! Those pants are amazing and I love how you styled and accessorized the outfit. I’m glad you snuck up on your old roof hehehe the pictures there are so awesome, love an urban setting!

  2. Tyler Schrauben says:


  3. Oh Hales you are such a stunner! I LOVE this! (and im so glad you clarified that you were not on the edge of a building because i totally freaked when i saw that pic 😉 ) Love you beautiful girl!

  4. HayBay i LOVE your hair in these photos, you’ve got lots of umph going on right now! I love those pants by the way and you styled them so perfectly! SOOOO CUTE!

  5. Caroline says:

    I want to buy this shirt. And outfit. Awesome post!!!!!!!

  6. My sister is gorgeous!! You are totally a cool rider;)!! Love you see you next week!! Xoxo

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