Casual Romance


hat: H&M, blouse and sweater: thrifted, pants: Gap, shoes: Target (old), purse: Pitaya, watch: Michael Kors, jewelry: gifts and vintage

I currently find myself lusting after florals, anything in the shape of ruffles and all shades of pink. That’s right, I said it. PINK! Six months ago I wouldn’t have been caught dead in that über girly color. Recently, however, I discovered the awesomeness that is the color coral.

Coral has an unexpected boldness to it that adds a feminine confidence to anything I wear. It has pushed me to expand my color palette into shades of pink I never thought I would be caught dead in. What’s your go to color for this spring season?
DSC_0311.jpgThis floppy hat is very similar to the one Haley styled in her first style sound post here. I’ve been wanting one for ages and found this one the day after her first post when I was shopping at H&M. It was only $15. Fate. Thank’s for the inspiration Haley. 🙂 It has easily made its way to the top of the stack of hats piling on my coat rack. If this dreary weather holds out I may be able to wear it a couple of more times before the summer heat sinks in.


Enjoy the sunshine this week.





  1. you are so cute my darling, I love that last picture 🙂

  2. Thanks Trish, I love you! Can’t wait to come take pics of you on Memorial Day! xoxo

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