shades of grey

The forecast for the next week is a constant cloud of thunderstorms and rain and has left me in a very monochromatic mood. Although brights are all the rage this season, it is refreshing to wear something more in tune with my surroundings.


jewelry/clutch: vintage, top: H&M, shorts: Pitaya, tights: Target, shoes: Dolce Vita, sunglasses: Eskell boutique in wicker park, trench (below): BB Dakota


I find something incredibly sexy about an open back. Bare backs have replaced the tacky low cut bar shirts that I embarrassingly once wore in college. It is a great way to show skin while still staying classy. I also love how the country-chic braids in my hair give a very feminine feel to everything I wear. You will be seeing my hair styled like this a lot in the posts to come. It’s comfortable, easy, and makes me feel like I still have years of my youth ahead of me.




I hope everyone has a great weekend. My best friend flew in from Seattle and suprised me. I’m convinced she has brought the dreary weather with her 🙂 I can’t wait to take her around to all the cool boutiques in Wicker Park and hit up the Green City Market (a farmers market in Old Town) that starts outdoors tomorrow!





  1. The shirt!!! I’m in love! Where did you buy it?

  2. Thank you! Unfortunately , I bought it at H&M in 2010 when I lived in France for a study abroad.

  3. Caroline says:

    I love these shots!! And totally agree about the cutout back being the classy new low-cut shirt 😉 I am all about that right now.

    • Agreed Agreed Agreed. I love getting these in my email.. since I wear nothing cute (to get ruined) at work I am living fashionably through these.

  4. OBSESSED. And damn, those glasses look so good on you!! LOVE this outfit, Karrin!

  5. Love the braid. Fabulous!
    Little Maison

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