Music Monday: Record Wall

My fiance and I love listening to records. Twelve inch vinyl, that is. Records, that to most  people just smell of must and have been collecting dust on the floor of their parents basement for years forgotten. The albums that you actually have to have the patience to sit and figure out where precisely to lay the needle so that your favorite song plays. We have been gathering a collection for years now and from the moment we started, Tyler taught me to appreciate the art of what we call an album. From the cover artwork to the way songs are strategically laid to out tell their own story, an album really is a musician’s very own masterpiece.

Since we love vinyl and music so much, we decided to make a record wall of all of our favorite albums. I remember seeing something like this in a Teen Vogue when I was in high school and ever since I have been determined to do it myself. It’s a great addition to our dining room and the best part is, once we get sick of it, we can just switch out the frames for new album covers or rearrange them in a fun way to give it a new, fresh look.

My current favorite record is the album below by Bob Marley which has  spun on repeat since the first sign of spring. There is something in the reggae beat and universal language of Marley’s lyrics that help ensure me daily that every little thing is gonna be alright. I think Bob had it all right when he said “The best thing about music is once it hits you, you feel no pain”.

Listen to an entire album on this Monday and set yourself off on the right foot. See if you can discover that you may have overlooked what a piece of art a record album truly is.



P.S. Do you have any must have records or good finds to share with me?



  1. Cute wall decor, such a great idea Karrin!

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