All That Glitters is Gold


top/skirt: JCrew, shoes: Zara, clutch: American Apparel, watch: Michael Kors, shades: Ray-Ban, bracelets: American Eagle, JCrew Factory, earrings: American Eagle

Ok, I have to admit, it took me a little while to finally commit to a sequin piece for my closet, but now that I have this skirt, I am in love! It’s been such an easy and fun piece to style. Plus it has pockets, and who doesn’t love pockets? This chambray top has become a major staple for me – I wear it constantly. So much in fact, that I think I am going to purchase a second one in a lighter wash. I wore this outfit out to one of my favorite Houston bars, The Flying Saucer, when my parents and sister came out to visit. Perfect for a night out in downtown with good company and good beer. However, I find it difficult to choose a lot of events where these shoes are actually appropriate. I usually just convince myself that they aren’t too dressy for whatever occasion I have going on and wear them anyway because I love them so much 🙂



Let me tell you about The Flying Saucer – if you have one your city, and you haven’t been yet, go! They have an amazing rotating selection of beer. You can also join their UFO club, and when you successfully consume 200 different beers, you get a plate with your name on the wall! In case you are wondering, yes, I have joined this club. And no, I am no where near my goal of 200, but I promise you it will happen!! 🙂



Hope everyone has a great rest of the week, and don’t forget to check out Karrin’s feature on Rachel Davis in the below post!





  1. You are lovely! This may be one of my favorite outfits in your closet, and those shoes are beautiful! Xoxo

  2. Im so proud to have ever been asked if I was your twin! U r so beautiful and talented halena!

  3. Damn girl, you look so good! And Kyle is taking some amazing photos of you! Love that shoe shot! And I want to recreate this look. Denim + gold= perfection!

  4. Haley i love love love those shoes!!

  5. I know everyone has already said it. BUT i absolutely love those shoes and you should take every chance you have to wear them 🙂 Also, as andrea said, that shoe shot is incredible. Sexy legs & Sexy shoes! Ow Oww Hales!

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