Music Monday: Rachael Davis

Rachael Davis

I couldn’t think of a better way of starting our first Music Monday then featuring Michigan’s very own Rachael Davis. She exhibits a strong balance of confidence, beauty and kindness that many women struggle to achieve.



I took these pictures when my fiancé and I were in Grand Rapids, MI in February visiting family. We found out en-route from Chicago that the Rachael Davis Band would be playing with Seth and May (fellow Michigan Artists) at Founders Brewing Company that night and we just couldn’t pass up seeing some of our favorite musicians. When I saw how fabulous Rachael looked and heard her voice booming over the speakers (she has one of those voices that you hear once and you never forget – it just sort of stays with you) I got all tingly inside. She was radiating an energy that you could see everyone in Founders soaking in with a big smile.

One of my favorite things about Rachael is that not only does she have an awesome set of pipes but every time she steps foot on stage she looks tastefully sexy and oh-so-put-together. From her octopus necklace, zig-zagged tights and killer heels she inhibits a mix of classy, eclectic style that makes you realize we all ought to try a little bit harder to be more creative.

Rachael Davis

With the idea of StyleSound in the back of my head I had these outfit photo’s taken earlier in the day. It was oddly warm for February in Michigan. I don’t think this plaid shirt left my body all weekend.




Shirt and Jeans: Gap, Belt: Zara, Shoes-Vest: Target, Jewelry-Sunglasses: Vintage, Watch: Michael Kors

Make sure to click the play button under the first picture and listen to one of my favorite songs of Rachael’s.





  1. i lalalalove this song and kpo you’re radiant

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